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Nana Acheampong
Ernest 'Owoahene' Nana Acheampong is one of the most popular musicians ever in Ghana. He is also the other half of the famous Sibo brothers who popularized Burger highlife in Ghana (the other is Charles Kojo Fosu aka Daddy Lumba).

Nana Acheampong is also known as the Champion Lover boy. The Abuakwa native and Kumasi Technical Institute graduate has a musical career spanning almost 15 years.

In middle school, he led his school band. He left for Germany in the eighties and played with the Talking Drum band. He formed his band in 1987 before he hooked up with Daddy Lumba.

He owns the Owoahene Studio, in Suame Kumasi, where he has done his latest recordings with himself as Executive Producer for Owoahene Music. His Na anka ebeye den hit is believe to have sold the most copies ever for an album in Ghana.

Some of his songs include Abu aka mesim, Casanova, Kata w'ani te, Deobrenodi, Nipa, Se eye wode, Obibini mu obibini, Ever ready, Odo yarea, Meko odo nkyen, I go die 4 u, Mansusu saa, Ako me square, Brebre Obaahemaa, Wo wone hwan,

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